This likely characterized the Americanism perspective more than anything else. I read somewhere that the USA has yet to apologize for one war, although it's been in many since its founding. When God is indisputably on your side, than all your acts of aggression are miraculously justifiable and holy. I'd like to see an America that is the most prominent in the world because more of its acts of compassion than of its military might.

Now, let's contrast how many refugees per capita the USA has accepted into its borders in comparison with other countries, of special note, Germany and Canada, two of its closest allies. Wouldn't be nice if we can see the USA making herself know as the nation who truly receive the poor and oppressed? We heard from the news that TENS OF THOUSANDS of expired COVID-19 vaccines in one city alone (Detroit) goes to the landfill every week while billions go without. Does Jesus Christ's teachings really characterize the USA as a nation? I can go on and on but we can make our own decisions. Jesus teaches in Matthew 7:15-25 about how we recognize Christ's Spirit through our fruits. So, let's recognize which nations and which peoples are on God's side through their fruits.

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