You point out the problem with shallow theology. I just couldn't "bite into" Lucado's writings in the last few decades and couldn't articulate the reason. Your article explains my reticence.

Tolerance of injustice by withholding power, as Christ did with his accusers, is different from suffering abuse helplessly. This kind of shallow understanding have resulted in our observation of Christian spouses (usually the wives) suffering abuse and neglect in their marriages thinking they are being obedient to the Bible.

There are times for restraint even when we can defend ourselves, as in going the extra mile or turning the other cheek. We do this knowingly for a greater cause than just self-protection. Suffering defenselessly is not a virtue to be blindly applied to all situations. The power of Joseph's story is not how he suffered from his brothers but how he forgave them when he was in power to revenge.

Thanks for a great article.

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