Good article about Paul's thorn on the side. I hadn't thought about sexual orientation before but I agree it is possible, albeit likely a long short. I think it's deliberately obscure so that this principle is widely applicable to whatever we think hinders us in the flesh.

Christ in us works through whatever vessels his Spirit dwells. Often, the stronger the vessel, the more resistance it puts up to the indwelling Spirit. It's often true that God works through us more effectively through our weaknesses than strengths. Thanks for a well thought out and presented lesson.

This likely characterized the Americanism perspective more than anything else. I read somewhere that the USA has yet to apologize for one war, although it's been in many since its founding. When God is indisputably on your side, than all your acts of aggression are miraculously justifiable and holy. I'd like to see an America that is the most prominent in the world because more of its acts of compassion than of its military might.

Now, let's contrast how many refugees per capita the USA has accepted into its borders in comparison with other countries, of special note, Germany and…

I agree:, one space, definitely. But I have another question for ya: farther or further? "Farther" refers to physical distance, as in: "Mom, how much farther to reach the next bathroom stop?". "Further" refers to concept, as in: "Mom, I can't hold my pee any further. How much farther to the next bathroom stop?"


Thanks, Ron, for the reminder that none of us has cornered the truth about God. I think it was CS Lewis who said something like, "To some extent, every theologian is a heretic."

You point out the problem with shallow theology. I just couldn't "bite into" Lucado's writings in the last few decades and couldn't articulate the reason. Your article explains my reticence.

Tolerance of injustice by withholding power, as Christ did with his accusers, is different from suffering abuse helplessly. This kind of shallow understanding have resulted in our observation of Christian spouses (usually the wives) suffering abuse and neglect in their marriages thinking they are being obedient to the Bible.

There are times for restraint even when we can defend ourselves, as in going the extra mile or turning the other…

Good illustration of free will and will of God. Thanks for writing this parable. I agree that there are just three options: A robot incapable or independent thoughts, a slave in fearful servitude, or a free-will person capable of rebellion and obedience. We're learning daily to follow the loving Potter's voice, stumbling and fumbling and sometimes willfully so. But God is greater than all our mistakes and sins and God has shown us that through the resurrected Christ. Thanks again.

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“Lord, please strengthen and protect the wise who are obedient to you and frustrate and confuse the foolish who are disobedient to you.”

I believe God answers prayers. And I believe we can all be united through this simple prayer, whichever side of the bickering and divisiveness that has engulfed North America we fall in.

This prayer is powerful when we include ourselves in this prayer. This way, we are not praying for or against anyone specific. …

God is surprisingly kinder and gentler than most theologians have been telling us

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Why does this happen? Is God punishing me for something I’ve done? When something unpleasant or tragic happens to us, we often ask similar questions.

If you have this tendency, you’re not alone. Have you ever wondered why?

People tend to think of God first as a Judge. They may not consciously realize it but the judge-first view of God is almost universal.

Many people blame God for natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Even insurance companies try to exempt from coverage for “acts of God”…

We felt lost when we had to leave our home church of over thirty years. I was under-employed then and I found a nice job in a city 300 miles away. Our church was the only one we had called home up to that point since we became Christians in the late-1970’s.

Moving for a job, however, was not the only reason we needed a new church.

We were long-term members of a conservative Evangelical church and our gay son came out shortly before I got the job. I was on the church board as an elder after having been…

Eddie Chu

A Christ follower since 1978. Now a “DEvangelical” liberated from the narrow, judgmental, and exclusivist culture. Promotes a Parent-first view of God.

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